Milazzo Associates was incorporated July 1, 1985. Its main focus is to fill personnel needs at all “levels”, within the financial community. Milazzo Associates focuses primarily on its “core” clientele, thereby effectively becoming partners with them. The team of counselors, including Peter G. Milazzo, have over 175 collective years of financial and recruiting experience between them, with a data bank of over 100,000 resumes.

Each Counselor/Recruiter has a specific discipline, on which they concentrate, in order to streamline and better define the recruitment process. i.e.: Executive Recruitment, Financial, Trade Support, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, and Banking. They work as a team in every aspect to fill positions outside their specialty.

The recruitment counselors working with Milazzo Associates were selected for their extensive knowledge of the financial community, proven ability in recruiting, professionalism, honesty, and personality; these qualities allow them to react promptly and efficiently by (I) referring to our very extensive and up-to-date personnel files, (ii) via personal referrals, (iii) by networking through contacts they have within the industry, (iv) limited advertising, and (v) the Internet.

To date “personal referrals” account for 98% of our applicants, which means we “know” the candidates before we interview them. This process has proven invaluable in our ability to represent quality candidates at all levels.

Each candidate goes through an intensive interview process and is carefully rated on all key requirements listed on a particular job order. The details are reviewed meticulously prior to presentation to our clients.

Recruitment Facilities & Methods

Milazzo Associates has one office, but has recruited successfully in New York, California, Boston, Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. We have serviced major recruitment needs throughout the USA by setting up offices and recruiters on site, through the use of the Internet, or through our extensive network of contacts. These procedures allow us to recruit local personnel, which reduces the cost to the client by avoiding relocation costs.

Functional Areas of Expertise

We have successfully completed searches on behalf of our clients for a very wide range of positions within the Brokerage and Banking industries; the positions have included CEO’s, CFO’s, Managing Directors of Prime Brokerage, National Sales Managers, Managing Directors of Correspondent Clearance, Compliance Directors, Regulatory Accountants, Administration, Research and every Back Office, Clerical & Middle Management Position.

Unapproachable Companies

We do not “raid” our client firms. We take every precaution in order to avoid any problems in this area...we regard the relationship most seriously, and use every means to safeguard our clients best interests.

Equal Opportunity

Milazzo Associates has a long-standing commitment to Equal Opportunity. It is our policy to provide equal opportunity to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, status as a Vietnam era or special disabled veteran, age, sexual orientation, handicap or disability.

Quality Customer Service Definition

Milazzo Associates is successful because it continues to provide its clients with SUPERB! service. In order to achieve this we follow these basic guidelines:

React promptly to client requests

Have a clear understanding of the job specifications

Fully review job specifications with candidates

Ascertain that references are valid

Ensure that the candidates meet all job requirements

If you have any questions you would like us to answer regarding this information, or if you wish to discuss the other H.R. services we provide, please call Peter G. Milazzo or John J. Milazzo at (212) 344-2334.